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Terms and Conditions

1.     Honor System/ Payment:  Collaborative Success is supportive and will help families to find tutors/trainers that fit their needs. It is against policy to contact tutors/trainers outside of Collaborative Success to schedule additional appointments. All business transactions and client session scheduling must go through Collaborative Success. Payments for all sessions must be made before any scheduled sessions. A session cannot be scheduled without payment in full. Please be reminded that all payments are made up front; credit cards only.


2.     Minors: Where the scholar is a legal minor, parent/guardian shall enter into this tutoring contract on behalf of the scholar and shall accept and agree to all the terms and conditions contained here on behalf of the scholar.


3.     Preparation & Planning: All tutors/trainers will ensure that each subject/sport session is well prepared for. Please let your tutor/trainer know which subject/sport you would like to focus on and which subjects/sports will be second priority. Be in communication with your tutor/trainer to discuss student progress and needed materials. In addition, please ensure that you are on time if you are traveling to the center, to your tutor, or agreed upon location. If you are running late, please let your tutor/trainer know and they will do their best to adjust the schedule accordingly.


4.     2 Subject Max rule: Any student that is required to have three subjects taught to them must automatically be put into a 2-hour session for quality of service for all students.


5.     Behavioral Support: Collaborative Success only supports positive behavioral supports. The professional tutors/trainers at Collaborative Success are required to effectively implement positive behavioral supports within their individualized sessions.


6.     Confidentiality: Once a scholar becomes a part of the Collab team, they will have an on-going file with compiled data regarding their personal and academic growth. All personal, and academic information will be recorded. No student records will be discussed to any outside parties. All student files will be held confidential. In the event of a group session, parents are made aware that they are engaging in an open setting prior to the session.


7.     Injury Policy: Collaborative Success Tutoring and Training Services is not liable for any medical concerns. Please make sure that your scholar(s) have emergency information on file and it is current and updated frequently.


8.     10 Minute Late Policy: Ten minutes late constitutes as a cancellation. No refunds will be rendered at this point.


9.     Cancellation Policy:  All scholars and or guardians are required to give a 24-hour notice if they are planning to cancel a session to receive full refund.  If there is a cancellation without notice there will be no refund.  All missed sessions can be made up, within 48 hours of the scheduled sessions time if the tutor has availability in their schedule. Making-up a missed session is not mandated.


10.  Termination Policy: Collaborative Success Tutoring and Training Services and its participants holds the right to refuse and or drop services from any client at any time due to misrepresentation of the business name or consecutive missed appointments. It is non-refundable, no exceptions.


11.  Waiver of Negligence: The scholar waives any negligence on the part of Collaborative Success regarding the hiring or supervision of the tutor/trainer, or the tutor/trainers actual conduct.